Server Colocation

Locate Your Servers In Our High Speed Irvine Spectrum Data Center

Single Server
Per Month
Up To 2U Rack Space
99.9% UPTIME
Quarter Rack
Per Month
12U Rack Space *
99.9% UPTIME
Half Rack
Per Month
24U Rack Space *
99.9% UPTIME
Full Rack
Per Month
48U Rack Space *
99.9% UPTIME
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1 Gbps Full Duplex
Monthly Traffic 1 TB Included 2 TB Included 3 TB Included 6 TB Included
Power Usage 2 Amps 5 Amps 10 Amps 20 Amps
IPs As Needed As Needed As Needed As Needed
24/7 Hands-On Support
Remote Reboots
Redundant Dedicated A/C Units
Redundant Backup Power

* Locking cabinets available. Please inquire with our sales team.

Our data center located near the Irvine Spectrum features a FM-200 Fire Suppression System, 10 Gbps MultiFiber Connection, redundant dedicated air-conditioning units, redundant backup power, an advanced security system, and is staffed 7 days a week.

If you are looking to colocate a web server in an Orange County data center with the most optimized possible uptime and speed for your websites, contact our sales department now and request a customized quote that will best suit your needs. Millennium Systems offers special pricing discounts to clients who colocate more than one server with us. The Millennium Systems Sales Team will gladly address any colocation questions you might have and set you up with an appointment for a tour of our data center.


Speed is our major concern at our colocation facility. Our data center is located in Irvine, California and has a 10 Gbps dual fiber ring connection. Some of the ISP's you come across for colocation might be able to give you a low price per month but that cost comes at a huge risk! These providers oversell their bandwidth lines and connect your server with inefficient hubs, standard powerstrips, and across low priced high latency providers. They cannot provide the speed and low latency your customers need to stay on your websites.


Price is our second major concern. We specialize in providing the best possible price to colocate your web server at our facility. We cater towards website owners who wish to have their own dedicated server all the way to high end web hosting companies who have multiple servers at our facilities. Pricing starts at only $150/month for a 1 Gbps Full Duplex connection to a high-end switch. This is a great package to start out with and will definitely handle any growth your server experiences. You cannot find that anywhere else!


Support is our third major concern. At our facility, we have high-end Systems Engineers who are proficient in hardware and software to take care of any needs that might arise from adding more memory, to setting up a complete web server for you.

As an Authorized SmarterTools Bundle Provider we offer SmarterBundle Professional ($800 value) with each VPS, Cloud, Colocated or Dedicated order at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Limited to one SmartBundle per customer.

SmarterMail is an award-winning mail server that meets the needs of both small businesses and enterprise organizations. With a rich Webmail interface, advanced synchronization, rich collaboration features, email archiving, file storage 97% out-of-the-box antispam protection and optional add-ons for Exchange ActiveSync, Commtouch Premium Antispam, and Commtouch Zero-Hour Antivirus, SmarterMail is the cost-effective Microsoft Exchange alternative.
SmarterTrack is a powerful help desk application that transforms customer service efforts into a multi-channel communications portal. Features include a ticket system, live chat, Who's On visitor monitoring, call logging, a task management system, branding and language support, reporting, surveys and a knowledge base.
SmarterStats is a Web log analytics and SEO software solution that enables users to obtain detailed analysis of web traffic, visitors' behavior, SEO marketing efforts, and more.